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    It has been nearly a decade since I began my journey through BDSM. Making mine & many others deviant desires, a reality. In my lifestyle, as well as the virtual space. A decade of exploration, growth, & true understanding of my strength. My power. A power which only seems to burn brighter and further flourish as the years tick on.

    I am, Miss Roper. The one who grabs your hand and drags you into the depths of the rabbit hole. A woman who craves & requires Discipline. Obedience. Loyalty. Love. Control.

    What stimulates me on both a mental & sexual level as a Dominatrix, a practinoner of Power Exchange; are diverse and miscellaneous. Though naturally I have developed preferences. Expertises over time…

    Strap-On. Chastity. Heavy Bondage. Feminization. Imposed Bi. Cuckolding. CBT. Corporal Punishment. Leather. Latex, Mind Fucks. A few of my favorite things, what appeals to me the most in a long list of kinky passions under the umbrella of Female Supremacy.

    Along with embracing & exploring power exchange in my personal & professional life, I am a full time fetish producer. Receiving recognition for my art & work with multiple award nominations.

    I thrive on nurturing my Sadistic fantasies, in every possible outlets. “Freeing the Beast” that’s stored within me. This, is how I wish to live my day to day.



    Wouldn’t it be thrilling for you, to see what’s on the other side? To experience first hand what it is like to release control. To trust in someone beautiful, intelligent, diverse & wicked to take the reigns in which you cling to so tightly in your little vanilla world?

    Isn’t it time to drop the mask, which wears so heavy on you?

    Once you enter this world, my world, you will never wish to turn back.

    You won’t ever wish to close your eyes again, once I’ve opened them.

    Isn’t it time, to begin your rebirth?